Importance of this update: NORMAL
  • Restore/import from V4/V5: group accounts are now imported without square brackets
  • The “encrypted” switch for VFSs now behaves as expected
  • Poor performance of file uploads via WebClient! (HTTPS protocol) has been completely resolved (all other protocols were never affected by this)
  • Editing of SuperAdmin, Admin, and User accounts
  • Better choice of initial location (directory) for log files when a new virtual site is created (existing virtual sites are not affected nor changed)
  • Manual was greatly improved, new pages and sections were added
  • The sliding-window used to feed the real-time dashboard is now double-buffered for much better performance and a lot less context-switches

Upgrading from v6.0.x is a simple and fairly automatic process: simply download the latest version from the official download page, and install it over the existing version, all of your settings and license will be kept.

If, instead, you’re upgrading from an older (v4/v5) version, you find the upgrade instructions in our knowledge base.

Thank you all for trusting our software with your secure file transfers!