Yes, V6 is the most anticipated Syncplify Server! version since the software was first released back in 2014… but for our company, and for our customers, it means much more than that. In fact:

  • Together with it, we will also release our first Customer Control Center, through which our customers will be able to perform most operations that – as of today – still require help from Syncplify staff, like resetting a SuperAdmin password, or moving a license to a new/different VM, or even buying additional licenses or support contracts for the existing ones. A true self-service portal, so you don’t have to reach out to us for most of the day-to-day needs pertaining to operating our software.
  • It’s our first cross-platform version of Server!, you’ll be able to run it on Windows, Linux, or even Mac; and both x86 and Arm architectures will be natively supported
  • It will be paving the way for a totally redesigned AFT! v4, which will maintain backward compatibility, but offer a much broader variety of functions and methods to make automatic/unattended file transfers a real breeze.

Let’s keep moving forward. Together. 🙂