The VirusTotal false-positive problem seems to be resolved

Not too long ago we reported that VirusTotal was reporting that some of its antivirus (1 or 2) were erroneously identifying our software as malware, which was clearly a mistake and a false-positive. Since then, we embarked in the endeavor to ditch nssm (a third party tool, not developed by Syncplify) which was identified as […]

Syncplify Server! has no known vulnerabilities in the NIST NVD

In the aftermath of the already infamous MOVEit hack, which is only the most recent one in a long list of competitors exposing their customers data, we would like to take this opportunity to underscore a few important facts about Syncplify Server! In fact, Syncplify Server! is the only enterprise-grade, commercial SFTP server on the […]

A much improved Admin UX is coming…

First of all, let’s clarify: UX is not UI. While UI refers to the User Interface (what a human-machine interface looks like), UX refers to the User eXperience (how a human-machine interface behaves). With Syncplify Server! V6 we think we’ve done a pretty good job at UI… but there are things in our UX that […]

Tackling memory leaks… the Go way

We recently discovered two small memory leaks in our worker process, one that affected only the ARM architecture build, and one that affected all builds regardless of the CPU architecture (but only if you use scripting and event-handling). Although both of them were very small and limited in scope, over long periods of time they […]

Invoices are now in your Customer UI

As many of you know, starting with the release of Syncplify Server! version 6 we have also introduced the Syncplify Customer Center Portal, which is a web UI for customers to manage their own licenses, maintenance/support subscriptions, orders, … and now also invoices! Yes, invoices are now inside of your Customer UI: To access an […]

New support/ticketing system coming soon!

For several years we’ve been using Freshdesk to provide an online support/ticketing system to our customers. It’s a good and feature-rich solution, but it’s not deeply integrated with all of the other subsystems in our pipeline. To improve on that, and to provide our customers with better, more tailor-made, more accurate support, we will soon […]

So, what is this SyngoDB everyone is asking us about?

Previous versions of our flagship software, Syncplify Server!, did use MongoDB to store their configuration and metadata. Over the years, though, we had to accept that MongoDB is not always reliable, especially on Windows, when certain circumstances arise. This becomes painfully obvious when an unclean shutdown of the operating system occurs, and MongoDB fails to […]

No, we are not affected by Log4j vulnerability

No Syncplify software uses (nor has ever used) anything written in Java. Furthermore, and more specifically, no Syncplify software uses (nor has ever used) Log4j. Therefore, none of our software is affected by (nor it has ever been) any Log4j bug or vulnerability.

An example of good cooperation

Recently we had the chance to help one of our customer achieve a data synchronization task, which spawned an unusual cooperation that gave birth to a tale worth telling. So, here we go. Our customer was using AFT!, our scriptable secure file transfer client, to automate some unattended data synchronization tasks. One of these […]