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Syncplify.me Server! v5.1.19 released

We have released version 5.1.19 of our flagship product, Syncplify.me Server!This update features the following improvements: Fixed: small bug that occasionally prevented the WebClient! component from correctly activating its own license Fixed: service status report when adding/removing services is now updated correctly every time Thank you.

V6 is safer than ever

We just ran the full suite of updated metasploit tests against the latest Syncplify Server! V6 alpha, and we’re happy to announce that our new version withstood all attacks without even breaking a sweat. The new and improved ProtectorTM was able to identify all known and unknown attacks, add all attacking IP addresses to the […]

JSON structured logs

Log files are system administrators’ best friends. Well, they are if they are understandable and useful. The problem with most log files, including most of the so-called “human-readable” ones, are very badly structured, and ultimately only truly understandable by a machine. For that reason, in the past few years JSON-structured log files have become all […]

Yes! Notifications… and emails!

Just a few quick lines to share these days’ progress with you guys. We have just finished implementing a whole new notification subsystem. So, we can now confirm that Syncplify Server! v6 will feature (for the first time in our product lifespan) automatic notifications for important events that happen in the software itself. There are […]