aftJS language to be renamed to SyncJS

As you all probably already know, one of the main goals for Syncplify Server! v6 and AFT! v4 is uniformity. And one of the major steps taken to achieve such uniformity is the adoption of the same scripting language in both software products.

Since aftJS (the JavaScript flavor found in AFT!) was way more modern and powerful than any scripting support ever incorporated into Server!, adopting it seemed to be the only sensible choice.

But now we have a problem: the name, aftJS, is so tightly coupled with a specific product (AFT!) that it would spawn confusion if adopted in the context of our flagship product, Syncplify Server!

Renaming the language, therefore, appears to be not only a more uniform choice, but it is also our chance to tie our scripting language to who we are as a company.

So… Syncplify’s JavaScript… SyncJS.