V6 silent and/or automated installation (Windows version)

One feature that our customers have been asking for rather frequently is the ability to deploy Syncplify Server! with a certain degree of automation. It would be nice and useful, in fact, to be able to install the software, configure it, create some VFSs and users (etc…) all with a single command-line.

Well, Syncplify Server! v6’s installer will allow you to do just that.

The first step is to have your “master deployment” of Syncplify Server! somewhere, maybe on a test/dev server, so that you can create your configuration, VFSs, users (etc…) visually in the web UI. Then take a full backup via the built-in backup function in the SuperAdmin UI.

Once you have a backup file, installing a new Syncplify Server! machine/node with an identical configuration is just a matter of running the installer with the appropriate command line. Here’s an example:

.\ss6-setup.exe /saname="sa" /sapass="XXXXXXXX" /nodename="some-node" /bakfile="C:\mybak.zip"

The only details that are not extracted from your backup are the node’s name (of course, you’re installing a new machine after all) and username/password for a SuperAdmin profile, to make sure you can access your SuperAdmin web UI once the setup is done.

And if you’re running a “core” version of your Windows (without a desktop experience)? No worries, we got you covered. Just add /verysilent to the command-line:

.\ss6-setup.exe /saname="sa" /sapass="XXXXXXXX" /nodename="some-node" /bakfile="C:\mybak.zip" /verysilent

Of course the /verysilent command-line option can be used also for fresh/blank installations, without necessarily having to initialize the software from an existing backup:

.\ss6-setup.exe /verysilent

This should cover most of the frequently required cases. 🙂