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Syncplify.me AFT! v3.1.4 released

We have released version 3.1.4 of our automated file transfer client, Syncplify.me AFT!This update features the following improvements: Workaround: uploads now can be completed even when the SFTP server doesn’t accept certain standard file-open flags, this allows to use AFT!, for example, to upload files to S3 via AWS’s quirky S3-SFTP protocol handler. Thank you.

V6 VFSs include: Disk, S3, Azure, Google Cloud, SFTP (all with optional at-rest encryption)

Syncplify.me Server! versions 1 through 5 have always historically supported only 2 typed of Virtual File Systems (VFS): Disk (with optional at-rest encryption via DiskAES256) SFTP (encrypted over the network but not at-rest on the remote site) When Syncplify Server! v6 is released, though, depending on the edition you use it will include the following […]