Dropping Windows User/Group support

Syncplify.me Server! v1.0 was released back in Q1-2014. Since then, and all the way up to now, nobody (not a single one of our customers) has ever used profiles of type “Windows User” or “Windows Group”.

We have plenty of customers who rely on “Active Directory User” and/or “Active Directory Group” profiles, that’s obvious and expected, and the most common user profile is the so-called “Normal” user, which is a basic user profile saved in the software’s own internal database. But nobody has ever used the local operating system user profiles.

Therefore, given the security implications involved, the fact that with v6 we’re going fully cross-platform, and the fact that no one seems to even want to use this kind of profiles, we decided to drop them.

Syncplify Server! v6.0 will then feature the following user profile types:

  • Normal (local to the server, saved in Syncplify Server!’s own internal database)
  • LDAP User (which includes Active Directory)
  • LDAP Group (which includes Active Directory)

Later, probably with the release of v6.1, we will also add support for SAML2.0 user profiles.