V6 VFSs include: Disk, S3, Azure, Google Cloud, SFTP (all with optional at-rest encryption)

Syncplify.me Server! versions 1 through 5 have always historically supported only 2 typed of Virtual File Systems (VFS):

  1. Disk (with optional at-rest encryption via DiskAES256)
  2. SFTP (encrypted over the network but not at-rest on the remote site)

When Syncplify Server! v6 is released, though, depending on the edition you use it will include the following Virtual File System (VFS) types:

  1. Disk (local drives and SSDs, and remote NAS, SAN, iSCSI, …)
  2. Amazon S3 (store data in your AWS S3 bucket)
  3. Microsoft Azure Blob Storage (store data in Azure Cloud)
  4. Google Cloud Storage (store data in Google Cloud Platform)
  5. SFTP (store data on another SFTP server, useful for SFTP-proxying)

And all of them will also feature encryption at-rest on whatever local or remote storage they point to.