V6 installation/update/removal on Windows (preview)

Installation, maintenance, and removal of Syncplify.me Server! has often been a semi-manual process all the way up to version 5.x (current version at the time this article is being written).

Version 6.0 aims to change that. We are streamlining the entire process, making it easier, fail-proof, and much more automatic than the past.

Here’s a short video that shows a fresh/new install of Syncplify Server! v6:

Here’s a short video that shows the typical maintenance and/or minor update (ex: v6.0.1 to v6.0.2, or V6.0.1 to v6.1.5) process:

And finally, here’s a short video showing the full and clean removal of the software:

Thank you! Looking forward to upgrade you all to V6 when it’s released. 🙂

V6 silent and/or automated installation (Windows version)

One feature that our customers have been asking for rather frequently is the ability to deploy Syncplify Server! with a certain degree of automation. It would be nice and useful, in fact, to be able to install the software, configure it, create some VFSs and users (etc…) all with a single command-line.

Well, Syncplify Server! v6’s installer will allow you to do just that.

The first step is to have your “master deployment” of Syncplify Server! somewhere, maybe on a test/dev server, so that you can create your configuration, VFSs, users (etc…) visually in the web UI. Then take a full backup via the built-in backup function in the SuperAdmin UI.

Once you have a backup file, installing a new Syncplify Server! machine/node with an identical configuration is just a matter of running the installer with the appropriate command line. Here’s an example:

.\ss6-setup.exe /saname="sa" /sapass="XXXXXXXX" /nodename="some-node" /bakfile="C:\mybak.zip"

The only details that are not extracted from your backup are the node’s name (of course, you’re installing a new machine after all) and username/password for a SuperAdmin profile, to make sure you can access your SuperAdmin web UI once the setup is done.

And if you’re running a “core” version of your Windows (without a desktop experience)? No worries, we got you covered. Just add /verysilent to the command-line:

.\ss6-setup.exe /saname="sa" /sapass="XXXXXXXX" /nodename="some-node" /bakfile="C:\mybak.zip" /verysilent

Of course the /verysilent command-line option can be used also for fresh/blank installations, without necessarily having to initialize the software from an existing backup:

.\ss6-setup.exe /verysilent

This should cover most of the frequently required cases. 🙂