The VirusTotal false-positive problem seems to be resolved

Not too long ago we reported that VirusTotal was reporting that some of its antivirus (1 or 2) were erroneously identifying our software as malware, which was clearly a mistake and a false-positive. Since then, we embarked in the endeavor to ditch nssm (a third party tool, not developed by Syncplify) which was identified as […]

Syncplify Server! v6.2.0 released 🔥

Importance of this update: HIGHEST Improved IMPORTANT NOTE: those who are running the “worker” system service under a different account (not System or LocalSystem) will need to re-configure the service to run under such account after upgrading from any version number <= 6.1.12) Upgrading from v6.x.y is a simple and fairly automatic process: simply download the latest […]

False-positives on VirusTotal

One-liner: yes, those are false-positives, and our software is 100% safe and virus-free! Some users have reported that when they scan our Syncplify Server! installer with multiple engines using VirusTotal, they occasionally receive one or two warning (out of 70+ antivirus engines that VirusTotal employs). It was out duty to investigate. First and foremost, let […]