Syncplify Server! v6.2.29 released

Importance of this update: [MINOR]
What’s changed?
  • Fixed a small bug in DNS record resolution that only affected the Windows version of our software, and only when the operating system’s DNS configuration was wrong in the first place

IMPORTANT NOTE: those who are running the “worker” system service under a different account (not System or LocalSystem) will need to re-configure the service to run under such account after upgrading from any version number <= 6.1.12)

Upgrading from v6.x.y is a simple and fairly automatic process: simply download the latest version from the official download page, and install it over the existing version, all of your settings and license will be kept.

If, instead, you’re upgrading from an older (v4/v5) version, you find the upgrade instructions in our knowledge base.

Thank you all for trusting our software with your secure file transfers!

V6 UI in development…

Now that all the working parts of Syncplify Server! v6 are in place, and we are very confident in their reliability and fitness for purpose, it’s time to develop all new (and much more user-friendly) UIs for all three of the major components: SuperAdmin UI, Admin UI, and WebClient!.

On top of that, the new initial setup procedure will also be moved to a web UI, for consistency and effectiveness reasons. Here’s a very early sneak peek: