Archives: November 23, 2021

Syncplify Server! V6 Pricing

With Syncplify Server! V6 Alpha.0 being literally days away from being sent to Alpha-testers, we have elected to release the new software pricing structure to the public.

As you can see, in order to avoid confusion, the price list has been streamlined to include versions with and without WebClient!, and – as always – our customers will be able to freely upgrade to any of the higher license editions by simply paying the price difference (no penalty).

If you have an active support/maintenance subscription for Server! v5.x, you are eligible to receive the upgrade to v6.0 upon its release later this year. The same applies to those who buy version 5.x between now and the release date of v6.0, because all new v5.x licenses come with an included 1-year support/maintenance subscription.

Last days to sign up for V6 “alpha”

In the next few days (likely early next week) we will begin rolling out Syncplify Server! v6.0-alpha.1 to our customers who signed up for the closed alpha-test phase.

If you are interested in testing/debugging this alpha version, there’s still some time to sign up: simply go to our support portal and submit a ticket, make sure to choose “V6 testing” as category, and briefly but thoroughly describe your use-case scenario. We will then notify you if your application to join the alpha-test team has been accepted.

Thank you!