After a long design and development effort, and many bumps on the road that we had to overcome, we are glad to announce that the first public BETA of our brand new Syncplify Server! v6.0 is out for everyone to test.

This is our first fully cross-platform version of the software, 100% of the code has been rewritten to achieve support for Windows and Linux. We even went as far as dropping MongoDB as our database back-end in favor of a much leaner and resource-friendly database server we wrote in-house. This first BETA is released only for Windows (for now) but you can expect BETA2 (in just a few short weeks) to come with a Linux installer as well.

As usual, and to be expected of any BETA software, this version comes with a few important notes, restrictions, and recommendations:

  1. Pre-release (including BETA) software is expected to contain bugs, therefore it shall never be used in a production environment
  2. If/when you find any bug or odd behavior, please report it by opening a ticket on our support portal here:
  3. Please be patient, the more you help us with your bug reports, the faster we will fix them and the faster we will get to the final stable release
  4. As all pre-release versions, this BETA version comes with no guarantees whatsoever, and it may even contain bugs that might cause data loss, so – please – use it at your own risk, and make sure you use it exclusively inside of a disposable test environment with no access to live/production data

If you agree to all of these points, feel free to download the installer for Windows here:

Thank you. 🙂