Importance of this update: EXTREME
  • Service detection under Linux now works as expected: resolves all the “exit code 4” errors during Virtual Site creation
  • Correctly initialized all functions/methods in the scripting engine
  • Fixed a possible (though very rare) goroutine leak in the scripting engine
  • Added user account statistics to the Admin UI
  • Changing (adding/deleting) certificates from the Certificates page in the SuperAdmin UI no longer requires a restart of the system service (all changes are applied live at run-time)
  • Upgraded back-end SyngoDB to v4.7.1 (new and much stringer DB locking mechanism)

Upgrading from v6.x.y is a simple and fairly automatic process: simply download the latest version from the official download page, and install it over the existing version, all of your settings and license will be kept.

If, instead, you’re upgrading from an older (v4/v5) version, you find the upgrade instructions in our knowledge base.

Thank you all for trusting our software with your secure file transfers!